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Swift Pest Services is an Oklahoma based company prepared to handle your pest issues no matter how big, or small, in the swiftest way possible. We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience based on your needs.

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Pest Control Services

Bed Bugs

Have you found red itchy spots after a long night of sleep? Have you seen little bugs running around your living space? Are you worried that you may have bed bugs? Don’t worry you are not alone. Due to the increase of travel the EPA states that bed bugs are at an all time high in the United States. If you would like to read more information about Bed Bugs go visit the EPA’s website here.



At Swift Pest Services we have the most advanced technology to help solve your Bed Bug issues. Studies show that Thermal/Heat treatments is the most effective way of battling Bed Bugs. For any questions on how we can help restore comfort in your home call us today so we can answer your questions.

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Did you just see an 8 legged creature run across the floor? Have you found webs hanging in places inside your home? Spiders are always a fear when it comes to protecting your home. Swift is equipped to come and terminate these pests from your home. Call us today to learn more about how we can help return your home back to a safe and peaceful environment.

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Roaches, just the word can give you goosebumps. They spread disease, eat your leftover food, and are just gross. If cockroaches are not taken care of correctly in a timely manner they can quickly turn into an infestation and a serious health risk. These pests just will not go away unless they are taken care of correctly. Swift is prepared to use the correct bait to permanently exterminate these pests for good. Call us today so we can help you eliminate this annoyance once and for all.

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General Pests

We know life can be a pest in many different ways and forms. Swift is prepared to help you get rid of those pests that crawl around and make your life uncomfortable. We can help you get ride of all general pests such as tics, ants, mosquitos, rodents, fleas, and so much more. Call us to day so we can get a Swift Pest Technician out to your home to return your peach of mind.

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Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper and insulation. Besides the monetary impact, thousands of unwelcome winged-guests taking up residency inside one’s home is an emotionally trying experience. Contact us so that we can get rid of those pesky termites that are silently feasting on your largest investment

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Quick response time, very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff! I highly recommend Swift Pest Services!

Holly Davis CarrFacebook Review

Very professional and friendly. Loved that they were actually on time. They cleaned my U shaped microfiber L-Section and it looks brand new. I will definitely be using them again.

Kathy Chavez-DuttonFacebook Review

We just got our apartment done by this amazing company. We have two dogs and one was sick and had an accident and you guys made it look like it never happened. The floors look brand new and the whole apartment smells amazing. Thank you, you saved us losing our deposit. Professional and quick, very much will use again.

Tiffany Chromia KayFacebook Review

We absolutely love these guys! Very reasonable in prices! We have them out 1 time each season to keep everything looking great! Our favorite is Andre! He is very thorough with his work! He is such a hard worker!

Kaitlyn StarkeyFacebook Review


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